Lip Liner



  • Mineral pigment-based lip pencil with a soft formula that won’t tug at delicate skin.
  • Made with conditioning oils and waxes.
  • Soft formula lends itself to blending and being used as a lip base.


Terra Cotta: Dark brown, would match with Sharon lipstick & Hot Cider lip gloss

Crimson: Deep red, would match with Gwen lipstick & Cherries Jubilee lip gloss

Spice: Brown toned, would match with Molly lipstick & Hot Cider lip gloss

Peach: Peachy with a slight hint of brown, would match with Jackie lipstick & Beach Plum lip gloss

Rose: Medium shade of pink, would match with Susan lipstick & Pink Lady lip gloss

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Terra Cotta, Spice, Peach, Crimson, Rose

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