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Happy Pancake Tuesday!

What better way to finish your Tuesday off, than with a lovely pancake & a good blog post.

So any clients of mine, will know my favourite brush brand is the Irish brand Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I have been using this brand with over 5 years, so I know the quality is fantastic. When you’ve got 43 make ups in the space of 2 days, your brushes get cleaned 24/7, so they have to be durable!. Blank Canvas have kindly given me a discount code for you lovely people (valid until 31st March 2017) when you spend at least 15.00 on their site.


So here are my must haves! (I’m being very lazy and not uploading photos, so follow the links and they will take you directly to the brush!

Face Brushes:

FO1 Quick Brush – a small, thick buffing brush which I find fantastic for applying foundation and buffing it into the skin. (I prefer this for personal use not on clients as it is wider than normal). €15.00

F39 Dome Powder Brush – great for applying face powder to set foundation. €14.99

F12 Angled Flat Eye Brush – amazing for blending concealer underneath eyes. €7.99

F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush – perfect for blusher €14.99


Eye Brushes:

E26 Blending Brush – unreal for blending eyeshadows (we have over 20 of these in the salon)  €7.99

E38 Brow Finisher – great for filling in brows €7.99

E23 Short Pencil – can be used to apply highlight to tear duct, cupids bow and underneath brow bone  €7.99

E27 Cute Mini Detailer – fantastic for blending colour underneath the eye area €6.99


Brush Cleaner:

Brush & Sponge Soap – this stuff has changed my life!! You add water to the sponge, then wet your brushes, dip into the brush and mix around, and rinse under water. Viola! Your brushes are spotless and smell gorgeous. I would be lost without this in the salon! €14.99


There you have it. Some of my favourites from my favourite brush brand. I hope you enjoyed reading, but enjoyed your little discount code more!


Aoife x

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