Bio Surface Peel


mical peels have become very popular in recent years, & are one of the most talked about skin treatments in the blogger world. A DERMALOGICA Bio Surface Peel is designed to work with the skin, & not against it. It safely removes dull outer layers of skin, while helping the skin underneath regenerate for a smooth, and radiant complexion. Bio Surface Peels are results driven!

So what does a Bio Surface Peel treat?
Signs of photo damaged skin
Fine Lines & wrinkles
Acne breakouts
Skin congestion
Unbalanced skin tone

For optimum results, a course of THREE Bio Surface Peels is recommend by our Dermalogica Skin Expert. However, your skin condition, skin concern, & dedication to After-care, will impact the results of your Bio Surface Peel.

A Bio Surface Peel is a treatment that takes up to 60 minutes, and is €70 per session. You also receive an ‘after care kit’ FREE with your treatment, that you must use at home to benefit the desired results. It is recommended that you get each treatment 2 weeks apart of each other. Patch test required ideally 1 week prior to treatment!


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Bio Surface Peel – €70.00

3 x Bio Surface Peel – €200.00

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