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2017-02-27 17:52:13

Tans, tans, tans.. Where do we even start?!


So many tans, so many brands, so many skin types, so many smells, but how do we pick? While everyone's skin is different, and we all prep our skin differently before we apply our tan, we always seem to be on the hunt for a new one. Am I right, or am I right?


Well a few weeks ago, a lovely woman named Elizabeth approached me at work. She was introducing this new brand called Catwalk HQ, which is an Irish brand of fake tan. If I'm being honest, the main reason I bought the tan straight away, was because she told me everything about the tan was made in Ireland. To be exact, Loughrea, Co. Galway. Its uncommon to have a brand that keeps every aspect of its production in Ireland, so this had me sold before I even looked at her tan!

In the end, I bought the tan & tested it for myself. Now anyone that knows me, knows I don't like my fake tan, I LOVE it. And not only do I love it, but I love being dark. So how did I get on? 


* For starters, any tan that I've ever applied has had an orange tinge off it when being applied. So when I started applying Catwalk HQ, I couldn't get over the fact it went on a purple/brown colour, and had no tinge of orange in it

* As a mousse, it would automatically dry into your skin quicker rather than a liquid. HOWEVER, because this little beauty contains Hyaluronic Acid, it automatically makes itself one of few mousses that applies like liquid, & doesn't dry in as fast. Meaning, if you miss any patches of your skin or make a mistake, its very easy to blend and fix

* I found when I let it dry in, it had set into a lovely brown colour. Again, this goes back to it not being orange

* It developes in 2 hours. Which means you don't have to sleep in stickyness!

* I can vouch that it doesn't come off on my clothes. As you can see from my lovely sock below, there was no stain 9 hours later?!


* I found the days after, when I was trying to remove the tan, it came off so much nicer than any other brand I had used before

* I also love the fact its affordable. The bottle comes in 200ml, and retails @ €25.00



So there you have my lovely before & after (this was two coats of the shade 'Dark' washed off). You can buy this tan from us directly in the salon, or buy from Catwalk HQ itself online! Keep reading below for some of my tips before tanning... 


* Have all your shaving/waxing done at least 24 hours prior to applying tan (this stops the tan seeping into pores, and irritating any areas that have been freshly shaven/waxed). Also, do NOT have any tinting done at least 48 hours prior to tanning. Otherwise, the tan & tint will react and your eyebrows will go green/orange

* Exfoliate wherever you are going to apply tan in every shower at least a week prior to tanning. This gets rids of any dead cells, and prevents the tan from gathering in certain ares

* Moisturise after every shower in the week leading up to tanning. After your last shower before tanning, do NOT apply anything onto your body. No deodarant, no moisturiser, no perfumes. The ONLY part of your skin you should apply anything to is your face. Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your face, to act as a barrier, but do NOT apply this anywhere else

* Always put some vaseline over your nails to prevent staining (Andreea's heart has broken seeing so many of you ladies staining her lovely nails!)

* Wear loose clothes after being tanned, no bra, and flip flops

* Rub some moisturiser all over your pakms and fingers to even out the tan if you've put some on your hands

* After you have rinsed off your tan, pat yourself dry and then apply moisturiser. Do this after every shower, to help remove your tan as easily as possible


Happy Tanning x



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