Maybeline Super Stay

2016-03-28 20:44:40

Happy Monday Ladies!

So this post is weeks late (I know, not used to this blogging business!!), but here we go! I was in Cork a month ago, and stopped into Sam Mc Cauley's as always. I spotted these Maybeline 'Super Stay 24 Hour Colour' lipsticks, and had to get four! Hoping and praying they did exactly what they said on the tin. Well it turns out they do and they don't! 

First off, they are a two sided lipstick retailing @ €13.89 . You apply the colour side of the lipstick first, then the lip balm over it. Noelle tested her colour out for about 11 hours, and it certainly passed the test! She drank coffee, ate her lunch, and went about her daily routine with it still on! However, mine didn't go so well. I felt mine look cracked on my lips, dried them out, and just looked horrible. Having said that, my lips are bitten, dried out, chapped, and because I bite them; they bleed. Noelle's lips are a lot more moist and smooth.

So honestly, if you have dried/chapped lips then you may aswell forget these! If your lips are in good nick, then you will be sold! You can buy them online @ Sam Mc Cauleys. 


Aoife x

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