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2016-03-21 11:30:51

So as you all know, I don't believe in just using one brand of make up. While we are proud as punch to stock FUSCHIA Make Up (winners of IMAGE BOB Award 2016  'Best Innovative Irish Brand!!), we still love using other brands on the market. For the simple reason, one brand won't suit every skin type/condition, no more than 'one size fits all' Tonight's blog post is about just that, so grab a cup of tea, some biscuits, & enjoy! kiss


Myself & Noelle have tried & reviewed 13 different foundations. YES THIRTHEEN DIFFERENT FOUNDATIONS!!! As we are both qualified skin therapists, we know all about the different skin conditions and problems that every women/man can have. Having said that, we know what YOU want when it comes to coverage/longevity/weight/shade/etc in foundations. As we have 13 different brands to go through, we'll take it easy and start with 4 foundations in today's post.


1) Jane Ireland (Mineral Make Up)


First up, we have a mineral brand of make up, Jane Iredale. I have only been using the liquid foundation, along with its mineral pressed powder in their range. Having used this brand for about 2 - 3 years, I can tell you its a foundation used when wanting to acheive light-medium coverage. The liquid foundation itself has such little coverage, it just about conceals any redness. I feel you NEED the mineral powder over this, as this builds up the coverage. If you are the type of person who is blessed with flawless skin, doesn't need a lot of coverage, & more or less wants to feel like they have nothing on, Jane Iredale is the brand for you.  I find brides who aren't used to wearing heavy make up are big fans of this brand. I myself just love knowing I have full coverage,  and that any lumps/bumps are covered, so I wouldn't be reaching for this straight away. Price point, you are talking roughly  €50 depending where it is bought from. The pressed powder again (which you need with this liquid foundation) is roughly €50 aswell. Price all depends whether its bought from a salon/spa so suss a few different pleaces out, before you buy it. Available online @ Beauty Bay

2) MAC Studio Fix

Honestly? I think MAC in general, is so overrated. Don't get me wrong, I do think they have a few 'holy grail' products in there that I adore, but overall the hype about the brand, is JUST a hype. I've used MAC studio fix back the day, and wasn't overly impressed with it then, no more than I am now. I find the smell for starters is rank, and don't like that its a glass bottle, (easily broken!) and no pump (you have to buy the pump serperately). However, I do find the coverage great, and buildable. Its the type of foundation you can layer, but don't nessecarily feel 'cemented', if that makes sense? I don't have oily skin, so I find it lasts a great lenght on my face. If you do have oily skin/oily t-zone, it may not be the best for you. I've noticed a shine appearing very quickly on client's faces, and have been told by clients that as the night has gone on, it did slide off. So if you have dry skin, and want full coverage, don't mind a slight 'wiff' off your foundation, MAC Studio Fix is a good choice for you. Just make sure you go into a Brown Thomas counter and get someone to match you up COREECTLY, as I find a lot of Irish girls go for yellow toned shades, and end up having a yellow tinge off their face!! Can be bought in Brown Thomas for €31.50.


3) Estee Lauder Double Wear

Probably one of the most talked about foundations, am I right? The Double Wear is a catch 22 as they say, in my opinion. I've been using it for 2 years on clients, and will keep it in my kit indefinitely. It has full coverage, lasts until the following day (no joke, my clients can vouch for this!), and has a matte finish. I love this foundation because it does exactly what a lot of my clients want. HOWEVER, it does have a down side. The Double Wear does not feel light on the skin. I describe it to everyone as the typre of foundation where when you smile, you almost feel like your face will crack a little (a bit extreme I know, but thats what it felt like to me). Due to the coverage being heavy, its not easy to remove. The usual face wipe at the end of a drunken night will NOT get this stuff off, so please make sure you cleanse it off properly!! Its also  very drying on the skin, so if you do have any flakey patches its probably not the #1 choice for you. I'd recommend people to have this for nights out ONLY, and not everyday! It can be bought in pharmacies nationwide (Rochford's in Ennis is where I buy mine), or else online @ Brown Thomas for €38


4) Fuschia Make Up - Photo Touch & Loose Mineral Powder

As you all know, we are proud Stockists of the brand 'Fuschia Make Up'. This particular foundation & powder, are what struck us to becoming stockists of the brand. The Photo Touch foundation is a liquid mineral foundation, that FINALLY gives us coverage!!!! We have tried both Jane Iredale & Bare Minerals liquid, and they both paled in comparison to Photo Touch from Fuschia. You get medium coverage with photo touch, and you're left with a dewy finish. If you want to go for full coverage, this is where their loose powder comes in. The mineral loose powder from Fuschia is like no other brand, in the sense that it does NOT contain talc. So its impossible to get that chalky look, which you get from other mineral brands. A little goes a long way, so take it easy when applying! Add a little powder onto a round brush, and apply it bit by bit. Too much product on the brush, and you'll have a shiny patch on your skin. You can also wear the loose powder on its own, and you will get light-medium coverage. Both foundations are very lightweight, so you would forget you're wearing them. Great for brides/anyone who wants a glowy finish. If you prefer the matte finish however, stay away from Photo Touch and the loose powder! Photo Touch is €32, & loose mineral powder is €26 for 5g, & €45 for 10g. Available @ Aoife Garrihy Beauty!



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